Coco Indie Magazine formally known as "COCO" publishes both online editorials and seasonal Print Issues.

COCO INDIE - "Where art meets fashion in one of the most creative & independent ways"

Coco Indie editors know just how much of an impact the online digital magazine world is having on the way we view editorials and stories today. It is important to us to stay up to date and with the times of our readers and contributing artists. Coco Indie is an online platform where art meets fashion in one of the most creative and independent ways. We showcase beautiful editorial stories, Behind the scenes videos and spotlights on artists & models, all the while creating a seasonal print issue that is filled with some of our favourite things like, art, stories, fashion, & fairytale dreams.

Coco Indie is mainly submissions based, which means we accept work from artists all across the world. You can be any type of creative artist that has a voice and a story to tell. We encourage our submitters to find the story they want to tell and to share it with us. Coco Indie prides ourselves on being open to all types of stories that relate to the idea and world of Coco Indie. This means we accept fashion editorials with both top designer clothes or hand made pieces made out of your bedroom curtains. As long as you tell a "coco" story we are interested.

To read more about how to submit to Coco Indie or if you have any questions please see our "Submission Guidelines" & "F.A.Q" Pages.

The History of Coco Indie & Coco:

The magazine was born on December 2011. The sole purpose of "Coco" was to be a beautiful art book which exhibited creative photographers, designers, artists, make-up artists, Stylists and models from around the world. Every issue was carefully pieced together by our editors to tell fantastical, fairytale, and fashionable stories through imagery. Over the years the support and love from our valued and loyal readers/contributors has allowed coco and coco's editors to grow and to move into the direction we are in today. We have been privileged to view some of the most beautiful editorial stories we have ever seen on a monthly basis. Our eyes have been opened to some of the most artistic emerging and celebrated talents in the industry today. We could not help but take coco to the next level. 

Coco Indie Team