Q) Why was my editorial not accepted?

There are a few reasons why your editorial may not have been accepted.

1. You did not follow the submission guidelines: Please be sure to review our guidelines carefully before submitting to Coco Indie.

2. The editorial does not have many wardrobe changes or pose changes:

We look for images that tell stories using a variety of location changes, wardrobe, hair or make up changes, interesting locations, interesting props and light as well as professional models or models who are of standard.

3. The editorial is not the idea, vision or story coco indie wants to tell:

Coco Indie loves to see dreamy stories that fit well with what the magazine and our editors love. Sometimes a story may be too dark or just might not fit well with the coco aesthetic. This does not mean it is a bad editorial it just means it is not right for Coco Indie. 

Coco Indie Editors look for stories with great models, styling, photographers etc. We love anything wonderfully creative, fresh and eye catching. We encourage all of our submitters to check out our editorials to get an idea of what it is we look for. Please do not hesitate to continue to submit to us you might just have the story we are looking for.

Q) What is the difference between submitting online editorials and submitting to the print issues? 

Coco Indie publishes online editorials on a daily basis. Submissions are always open and do not have a theme. Coco Indie is a wonderful online platform which reaches a worldwide audience. We embrace the digital age and hope you will too. 

We have a select amount of spots for our print editions that publish seasonally. You are open to submit an already completed editorial story for our seasonal print versions. If you are interested in shooting an exclusive story for our seasonal issues you can send us an e-mail with a short introduction and link to your website. Our editors will decide if we would like you to shoot a story for our upcoming issue and personally send you the info required.

Q) How do the editors review submissions? 

The editors take time to review each submission carefully to determine whether they would be best for our online or for our seasonal print issues. If there is an opportunity for your editorial to be published an editor will get back to you within 1 week.

Unfortunately we can not  always respond if your submission is declined. However we encourage all submitters to continue to submit you never know when your story will be accepted. 

For more information and what coco indie editors look for you can read our Submission Guidelines. 

Q) What do I do if my editorial was accepted? 

If your editorial is accepted you will receive a personal response from one of our editors. You will then have the opportunity to send us the high resolution images by way of dropbox, we transfer or attached directly via e-mail. 

Q) How do I know if the editors received my submission?

You will receive an automated e-mail message once we have received your submission.

Q) How can I write for coco magazine or be interviewed online and in print? 

You can let us know that you are interested in being interviewed or writing for Coco Indie by sending us an e-mail. Tell us about yourself and show us examples of your work. 

Q) Does Coco Indie give out copies of the print versions or pay for editorials? 

Coco Indie does not offer free print versions or payment for editorials. Coco Indie is an independent labour of love. If an editor wants a print issue we must purchase this out of our own pocket. All editorial expenses are on the creative teams. 

Q) How can I obtain a pull letter? 

Editors will only supply pull letters for creative teams who are going to be featured in our print issues or creatives who have been published with coco indie and coco several times in the past.

Q) How can I buy print versions of the former "Coco"? 

Coco Indie was formally known as Coco Magazine. We have 24 print issues and (5) Coco Bride issues still available to purchase on Magcloud.com. Please see "Purchase" for more information. 

Q) Who owns the copyrights to my images/illustrations/written work?

You are the sole owner of your work. When submitting to Coco Indie you acknowledge that the editors have the right to publish your work online and in print as well as the right to add text and fonts. The Submitter also acknowledges that the editors may choose the number of images included in an editorial and we may choose the order in which these images appear.

Q) How can I be part of the "Model Spotlight"?

If you are an agency represented model and you want to be featured on our "Model Spotlight" please see our "Submissions Guidelines" on how to submit. 

Q) What will the layout of my editorial/feature look like if it is accepted?

Coco Indie's professional creative editor will put your story/feature together in a beautiful way that is unique to Coco Indie and our look as well as our aesthetic. We are responsible for adding all fonts/text and credits to your images and features. We do not change the text or font once the editorial/feature is released. Coco Indie has a standard that we follow as well as a unique style. When you submit to Coco Indie you acknowledge our unique style and that your editorial/feature will follow this style.

Q) A credit has been mis-spelled or I missed a credit what do I do?

If we have made a spelling error or missed a credit please let us know of our error via a Polite e-mail. Coco Indie editors are only human and sometimes make errors. These errors are usually easily fixed and we do not mind correcting them and re-publishing the story. Please Do not spam us on our facebook page or send us rude e-mails. We want to make Coco Indie an enjoyable experience for everyone and we can do this through great communication. 

Q) I Have been published! How do I get my digital tear sheets?

Digital tear sheet pdf's will be e-mailed to contributors when published both online and in print. To obtain past editorial digital tears from our former "Coco" please download them via issuu.com

If you have any questions that you do not see on this F.A.Q please do not hesitate to contact us at submissionscocomagazine@gmail.com