Submission GuidelinesĀ 

How do submissions work??

Do you have a story to tell? Either visual or written? Heres what our editors look for.


Coco Indie accepts & publishes editorials on a daily basis to be featured online. If you are interested in submitting an editorial story please make sure you have the following in your submission:

Editors prefer that your submission is exclusively shot for Coco Indie only, however we will make an exception if we really like the editorial.

- A title for your story - All Credits of everyone involved (Photographer/Stylist/Model) - Low res images attached DIRECTLY by e-mail (submissions sent to us by dropbox, We Transfer, PDF format or a collage will NOT be accepted) We like to see the images easily and right away to help us with the selection process - There must be absolutely NO text, titles, credits or watermarks on the images submitted to us (Coco Indie editors are responsible for all text and credits) - Please submit 6+ images - Images should have a variety of fashionable wardrobe looks and changes - Editors look for editorials that tell a cohesive story - Editors look for images that have a beautiful dreamy or fairytale quality and aesthetic to them, with professional and beautiful retouching as well as lighting - Wardrobe can be anything that relates to your story whether it be hand made, vintage, designer or independent designs but please make sure you let us know these credits - Models must be either Agency Represented, agency standard or must fit well with your story

Submit to:

PRINT ISSUES: (Submissions for our print issue will open March 26th 2014)

Editorials MUST be exclusively for Coco Indie Magazine. Editorial MUST NOT appear anywhere else, on any website or magazine before or after released. Editors have the right and will pull the story if published elsewhere.

Our print issues release every season. If you are interested in submitting or contributing to our print issues please review:

- Our Print issues have a limited number of spots. You can submit a completed story for review or you can write us an e-mail if you are interested in contributing to our print versions - If there is an opporotunity to be published we will get back to you within one week - If we like your story but there is no room or it does not flow with the print issue we will offer to publish your story online - Submissions for print versions are the same as ABOVE ^ (Please read) - Please indicate in the subject line the season you are submitting for (example: Subject: Spring print submission) - If you are interested in contributing an exclusive editorial story for our print versions please send us an e-mail with a small introduction (please keep it short and concise) send us a link to your website and previous published and editorial works, if we think there might be an opportunity or a spot for you we will reply with an outline of our upcoming theme, deadline and a pull letter - We look for creative teams that are strong with an editorial background with strong portfolio's when choosing contributors for our print issues.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to get in touch we love hearing from creatives.         


Have something to show us or a statement to make? We want to hear from you!

Coco Indie is always interested in hearing from creatives. We do interviews/features and spotlights on creatives both online and in print. Send us an e-mail telling us who you are, show us what you do and tell us why you are interested. When you submit we review your work for both online and in print.


Our Model spotlights are currently closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We will not accept your editorial if you fail to submit properly. When you submit to Coco Indie you acknowledge that Coco Indie editors have the right to publish your work both online and in print. Coco Indie editors have the right to crop your images, add text or fonts to your images and place them in the order in which we see fit. We also have the right to include and exclude images/work from an editorial or feature. It is our creative editors job to add all credits and text onto your images. For more information please see our F.A.Q. 

Thanks and Happy Submitting,

Coco Indie Team xoxo