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Do you want to shoot the next cover of Coco Indie?
From August 5th - September 1st you will have a chance to submit to us for the chance to shoot our Autumn Volume 005 cover. Here are the rules: (This contest is for photographers only)

1. Send us an e-mail to Subject line: "Cover Contest"
2. Attach 4 low res images of your latest and best work (separately NO PDFS or COLLAGES)
3. Tell us a few lines about yourself and attach a link to your website so we can view your body of work.
4. Attach a pdf or collage of your mood board for the Autumn issue. (Please make sure your mood board correlates to the Volume 005 theme *see below*)
5. Coco Indie editors will look for the 4 strongest photographers who's body of work relates to the aesthetics and vibe of Coco Indie.
6. You will be notified if you are one of the 4 chosen. One of your images will appear on the Coco Indie facebook page with credits. At this point friends and followers will have 2 weeks to vote for you. (ONLY "likes" will be counted as votes. Comments and likes on comments will NOT be counted.)
7. The winner will be notified via e-mail and given a pull letter to give to stylists for styling/borrowing purposes. The winner will be announced on September 16th and will have until October 29th to complete their editorial for the Autumn Issue. The Issue will release on November 1st.

When submitting to the cover contest all submitters hereby understand the rules of submitting. Submitters give Coco Indie permission to post their work on the Coco facebook page for voting purposes. The winner understands that they are not being compensated for their work in any way shape or form.The winner will receive all high-res pdf tear sheets associated with their photo shoot in digital form via e-mail. The Winner Acknowledges that the final images MUST be sent to Coco Indie by October 29th or their editorial will NOT be featured.

Make sure to re-read the submission rules if any part of the submission is missing you will automatically be disqualified.

Have an autumn story to tell? Send it our way. We are accepting editorials that tell an autumn story. This means NO bathing suits or summery clothing. We do not have a specific theme for this issue but we would like to see fall fashions and colors.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for fashion editorials, illustrations and Fashion Designer interviews.


All editorials MUST be exclusive to Coco Indie for this particular issue. This means absolutely NO sneak peeks of any of the images before the issue is released. We encourage behind the scenes pictures and videos just remember to tag us. Images cannot be submitted to any other magazine once the issue is released. If we find accepted images are already published on any social media we will remove the images from the issue.

We are looking for dreamy & girly fashion stories with a variety of looks. Editorials must have 4+ wardrobe changes. A submission with one look is not an editorial. Editorials use a variety of looks/locations to convey a full editorial story.

Good news is; we accept all different types of wardrobe styling from high end designer, independent designer, vintage, hand made, store bought however please do not leave out the clothing credits. We do accept vintage however for this issue we will not be accepting full vintage stories. Please mix the vintage pieces with other pieces.

The theme can be taken in anyway that the photographer and team visualize. Have a look through our previous issues: "Browse the Issue" to find out what type of editorials we accept and have a look at our "Submission guidelines" to learn exactly how to submit to us.



Illustrations and interviews:

If you are a designer or a creative who would like to be interviewed by Coco Indie please send us an e-mail with an introduction and examples of your work to

If you want your illustrations featured in our upcoming issue send us an example of your work and an introduction.

Happy Submitting!


Our Webitorial Submissions are always open unless otherwise stated in our e-mail responses or facebook page. Please check out our Submission guidelines.